Landscape Maintenance


At 1300 4 Gardening we believe there are five key things to landscape maintenance that maintain an A1 standard!!

1. Regular maintenance is the key to making your landscape look amazing.  Even in winter, when growth is much slower, avoid the trap of just letting your garden be.  Regular trimming will promote growth and improve the health of your plants and lawn.

2. WATER, WATER, WATER.  Often people underestimate the value of water to the health of their plants and lawn.  Of course it would be great if we got consistent rainfall all year round, but unfortunately we don’t, so providing water to your landscaped areas in low rainfall periods, is highly beneficial.  If you don’t have time to water by hand, irrigation systems can do this for you. Click here for more information on irrigation solutions.

3.  Providing to all landscaped areas a great fertiliser ie, gardens, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and even the lawn is essential at least twice a year.  While there is exact fertilisers for each area of your garden, ECO88 is a great all round fertiliser that will make a big difference to the health of your outdoor space.

4.  Mulch !!!!  All mulches break down over time and give nutrients back to the earth, which promotes plant growth, especially around fruit trees, herbs or vegetable gardens. There are many mulches available to choose from, so it is important to understand the different varieties and benefits to each. Click here to get more information on the mulch you require for your landscape solution.  

5.  To ensure the best outcome for your landscape areas, ensure you are removing waste correctly.  Grass seed and weeds are very resilient and can easily grow in unwanted areas if you dump clippings in gardens or leave in piles in your backyard. 


This is only the beginning !  The options for your outdoor space are endless.  Imagine a lush, green, sustainable space for the whole family to enjoy. Your children could be learning how to grow fresh food from your garden (the future right there WOW).  You could grow fresh vegetables or herbs for the kids to learn how to plant and pick, harvest from those fruit trees to make unbelievable jams, preserves, or just add them to tonight’s dinner. 

Did you think your block is too small? It isn’t.  We can help develop the right solutions for your landscape and your lifestyle.

The great news is here at 1300 4 Gardening we have created many solutions to help our customers to achieve their desired outcome for the future. From complete landscape maintenance services, to trimming that hedge, getting the weeds under control or making the lawn the envy of the street, we can help.  It could be just supplying the right fertiliser for the lemon tree to thrive, so you can pick the fruit and slice it up for your favorite drink on a hot Sunday afternoon.

So if you require a complete landscape service or just a one off cut back back, 1300 4 Gardening will prove to be the landscape service provider you have been looking for!!

If you are unsure where to start and need some inspiration or need a solution to that area down the side of the house where the grass will not grow (just those damn weeds), then click here and see our landscape ideas for those areas.


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