Please meet some of our landscape team here at 1300 4 Gardening

1300 4 Gardening is a Queensland based family owned company that has been established since 1999. Our experienced team offers great landscape installation and landscape maintenance services ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind that your property is in good hands. Our services expand all over Queensland offering our clients outstanding landscape solutions with the ability to service any type of property such as acreage, daycare centres, shopping centres, really we can service any type of domestic or commercial property.


Joel Farmer is the Director whose main focus is to look at the systems and processes to improve our customer experience. Joel has been at 1300 4 Gardening since the conception in 1999 and loves wanting to try and change people’s lives and transforming the customers yards for them to enjoy with their family. If he won a million dollars, Joel would go on a family holiday where he didn’t have to work.


Shelley Farmer is the Joint Owner of the company who specialises in financial management. Shelley has been with 1300 4 Gardening since the conception of the company who loves to analyse data and see growth in the company. If she won a million dollars, Shelley would go overseas.


Justin is the Landscape Garden Guru (aka. Manager) who specialises in managing from the front in all Landscape maintenance / service areas. Justin has been working in the industry for 15 years and loves seeing the difference that is made when you transform a customer’s landscaped properties. If he won a million dollars, Justin would make himself a dirt bike track.

Darren heads up the Cairns Branch, who specialises in all landscape and brings great experience from his greenkeeping days in New Zealand. Darren has been landscape gardening for 38 years and loves to do landscape makeovers. If he won a million dollars, Darren would retire.
Nigel is a Senior Landscape Gardener who specialises in hedging and tree work. Nigel has been landscape gardening for about 10 years and loves to see the end result as well as the customers’ excitement with the end result. If he won a million dollars, Nigel would sit down and think about it.
Jonathon is a Team Leader with a broad skill set. He specialises in high quality hedge trimming as well as all aspects of soft and hardscape landscaping. ‘Jonno’ as he prefers to be called, has been gardening for 4.5 years and loves to pass his knowledge onto anyone he works with. If he won a million dollars, Jonno would buy a fighter jet.
Gus is a Team Leader who specialises in all landscape gardening aspects with a go get them attitude. Gus has been landscape gardening for 4 years and loves it because it’s satisfying and therapeutic. If he won a million dollars, Gus would rent a mansion in Bali for two weeks.
Jacob is a Team Leader who specialises in all landscape gardening aspects with a great eye to the finer details. Jacob has been landscape gardening since he was 16 and loves to see the process of the job and the satisfaction on the customers face. If he won a million dollars, Jacob would do something good, like helping out other people.
Jordan’s role is to repair and service tools, utes and trailers and he specialises in small engine mechanical repair. He has been at 1300 4 Gardening for approx. 18 months and loves pulling different things apart and learning how they work and getting them back to working condition. If he won a million dollars, Jordan would buy a big property and ride motorbikes.
Louie’s role is to make sure the website is live and maintained. Louie specialises in SEO and website management and design. Louie has been at 1300 4 Gardening for almost 3 years and loves to be challenged and continuously learn about all things to do with landscaping. If he won a million dollars, Louie would buy his own house.
Charleen is the Admin Assistant who specialises in back of office duties like invoicing and customer relations. Charleen has been at 1300 4 Gardening approx. 18 months and loves the company’s tagline “Weekends are for family and fun!”. If she won a million dollars, Charleen would invest by buying a house and some land.
Team 1300 4 Gardening, enjoying a BBQ after a hard day of Landscape maintenance