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1300 4 Gardening is a Queensland based family owned company that has been established since 1999. Our experienced team offers great landscape installation and landscape maintenance services ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind that your property is in good hands. Joel Farmer, director of the company is proud of offering these landscape solutions, while expanding all over Queensland offering clients outstanding landscape options with the teams of landscape gardeners. Building teams and training staff has given 1300 4 Gardening the diversity to service any type of property such as acreage, daycare centres, shopping centres, really we can service any type of domestic or commercial property. Click here to see our landscape services.

While 1300 4 Gardening’s head office is located in Brisbane, we can service any area that is required from Northern NSW up to Sunshine Coast, including a branch in North Queensland out of Holloways Beach in Cairns. Providing everything from regular Landscape services and maintenance or one off Landscape projects, using professional equipment and materials to provide the most efficient service to our clients. Our friendly staff are fully trained and insured to give you peace of mind and are ready to provide professional advice and obligation-free quotes, whatever you require on all Landscape-related matters.

1300 4 GARDENING will do all the hard work and guarantee you will love the results!


To give back to planet earth a greener, healthier and more sustainable environment for families to enjoy through landscape services


To give clients a customer experience that they have not seen before in the Landscape industry around Queensland


We do this with Innovation, Automation and Systemisation for our staff for our clients


Be quick but don’t hurry   –   recalls suck

Look out for each other   –   many hands make light work and gives personal satisfaction

Think like a customer   –   long term vision, not just the job today

Integrity matters   –   holding ourselves to the highest morals is shown through our work

Small details are huge   –   the simple things some times mean the most to fellow staff and customers

Employees matter   –   team culture is key

Have spirited fun   –   to enjoy and embrace the task at hand


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