Garden Cleanup, Just The First Step


Is an overgrown landscape or garden getting you down? With our comprehensive landscape gardening cleanup services, you no longer need to worry about your property’s outdoor spaces. With a wealth of experience at 1300 4 Gardening in handling plants and trees of all varieties, we’re happy to tackle whatever challenges you throw our way. From clearing overgrown grass to chopping down unwanted shrubs, there’s nothing we can’t handle with always having the vision alongside the client of the bigger goal

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The Benefits of Using a Professional Landscape Garden Cleanup Company

When you do choose a service in Brisbane or Cairns, you need one that can hit all the right notes. At 1300 4 Gardening, our significant task force can tackle projects of all sizes. With the ability to grind stumps, banish weeds, and remove heavy waste, we have the garden cleanup crews for you.

With our landscape garden cleanup services, you can achieve the following:

  • A pristine exterior that enhances your property’s value
  • An outdoor space everyone will envy and enjoy
  • Potentially removing species that could be harmful to your building structure
  • A reduced risk of injury, while still benefiting from a clear garden
  • A team that’s covered under WorkCover policies and Public Liability, giving you peace of mind when they engage in strenuous and hazardous landscape services

Our team of landscape gardening professionals will cut away overgrown grass, trim back unruly bushes, dispose of unnecessary items, and banish unwanted plants. This will make your life easier, and we’ll also dispose of your garden waste responsibly. Although we move quickly, we’ll never compromise on quality. The 1300 4 Gardening team started as a family business and we still run it that way today. With our approach, your garden will look immaculate.

If you want a professional garden cleanup team to improve the way your home looks, call us on 1300 442 733.

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