How Often Should I Trim My Hedge?

For the first several years after planting, new hedges need to undergo formative trimming with the end result of regular trimming to create a healthy, lush green topiary. Formative pruning is typically done in the winter or the first few weeks of spring to ensure the hedge is ready and cut to shape before the heat of summer when hedges are known to grow exponentially

Regular trimming of hedges has many added benefits not just to the hedge but the overall appeal look of your gardens and property. The first benefit of regular trimming is that it deals with the overgrown, meaning that when a hedge is not regularly cut it gives the hedge a chance to outgrow its borders and quickly take over or possibly ruin your garden. Taller hedges also prevent sunlight from penetrating your garden beds.

Ball hedges properly maintained by 1300 4 Gardening

Secondly, In order to promote a healthy hedge it is important to provide regular trimming. Understandably this may sound counter productive, however, it is the same advice hairdressers tell their clients! By providing regular trimming, it encourages the hedge to stimulate new growth and keeps the hedge healthy and strong. Regular trimming also prevents and minimises the chances of bugs and diseases in hedges.

A third and important reason would be that having a clean garden with well maintained hedges improves the home value drastically which will be lifesaving for when it comes time to sell. Nothing has to look perfect, however many people are attracted to what they see first and a badly maintained hedge could put off potential buyers.

Finally is privacy. I think we can all agree on the fact that we don’t want people looking into our houses watching us cleaning the dishes or even hanging up the washing in our yards. Regular trimming of hedges helps increase the density of them, meaning if you’re right beside a main road it’ll keep the noise down to a minimum and prevent any nosey neighbours from looking into your property.

Beautiful hedge trimming by Brisbane river

It can sometimes be hard to give a definitive answer as to how often one should be trimming their hedges when there are a few dependents on the table. However, during the spring to end of summer months, it would be advised to trim hedges as much as possible, almost every week. Then during the winter months when growth slows down, trimming should take place once every few weeks.

There are many more reasons for regular trimming of hedges which we would love to share with you! Our services here at 1300 4 Gardening are certainly not limited to just regular trimming and with our team being very well knowledgeable and well-equipped for any type of job, we are sure that we can deliver to a wide variety of clients needs and desires hassle-free.