Lawn Grubs


What are lawn grubs?

We also call them armyworms and they are a threat to your lawn! These creature feeds on your grass roots as well as organic matter in your soil. They will then mature in beetles and emerge to mate and make more lawn grubs! Talk about gross! All of these mating and laying eggs can happen in a span of 2-3 weeks. Can you imagine how much grubs there will be on your garden in a month!


How to check for lawn grubs? 

Keep an eye out for brown patches on your lawn, because these brown patches may be because lawn grubs had been feeding on them. To check, you have to inspect a piece of your turf, if that rolls up it is because the lawn grubs had already fed on its roots.

Now this is the most important part…


How to get rid of lawn grubs?


Regular garden maintenance  and monitoring is always the first step. You can inspect your lawns and manually remove the grubs you find. Another option is to walk around the garden using an aerator shoes. These shoes have spikes at the sole that will pierce through the lawn grubs while walking. To increase the effectiveness of the shoes, water the soil thoroughly beforehand. This will bring the grubs closer to the top. 

Take note that choosing to do control grubs manually may take several attempts before their numbers are significantly reduced.


Your other option is treatment! The curing products used for treatment kills them on contact while the preventative ones kill over a period of time.

Of course at 1300 4 Gardening we can help you get rid of these pests. If you got no time to do it, call us and we will be happy to assist you. We can also provide you with up to 3 month protection from these lawn grubs.

After you rid your landscape garden of these dreadful pest your lawn with some care will look like this again