Landscape Tips

Here are some landscape tips and helpful links to assist you in solving your gardening dilemmas!

What are lawn grubs?

We also call them armyworms and they are a threat to your lawn! These creature feeds on your grass roots as well as organic matter in your soil. They will then mature in beetles and emerge to mate and make more lawn grubs! Talk about gross! All of these mating and laying eggs can happen in a span of 2-3 weeks. Can you imagine how much grubs there will be on your garden in a month!

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Landscape specialist, Jono showing how to trim a hedge

Good day guy’s this is Jonno from 13004 gardening, now today will be doing a demonstration how to trim and maintain a hedge,

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How to do Recording of Whipper Snipper

How to change the head on a whipper snipper

How to change a pull cord on your lawn mower.

How to change a pull cord on your chainsaw

How to change a pull cord on your blower