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Here are some landscape tips and helpful links to assist you in solving your gardening dilemmas!

What are lawn grubs?

We also call them armyworms and they are a threat to your lawn! These creature feeds on your grass roots as well as organic matter in your soil. They will then mature in beetles and emerge to mate and make more lawn grubs! Talk about gross! All of these mating and laying eggs can happen in a span of 2-3 weeks. Can you imagine how much grubs there will be on your garden in a month!

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Landscape specialist, Jono showing how to trim a hedge

Good day guy’s this is Jonno from 13004 Gardening, now today will be doing a demonstration how to trim and maintain a hedge,

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we’re going to be cutting this Sheena’s gold hedge today, we’ll be tidying the face, the tops, and the sides to maintain a nice shape and to encourage a new and thicker growth of the hedge, so first of all our hedger, it is very important that we always maintain the blades of the hedger by using a File or a Dremel tool to keep them sharp for effective cutting olso lubricating the blades using Bar oil to keep them running smoothly. Alright here we go, we’re going to cut the face first, and when we do this we want to keep our eyes and our blades parallel with the hedge, so we could make a nice straight cut, next the top, pick a point on your body where you can mark the height of how you would cut the hedge, for this hedge it’s about my chest height. Now just same as the face we cut the sides, the blade and our eye’s are parallel with the sides.

If your working backwards and forward in sweeping motion with your hedger, you’ll find that you will cut every section of it.

Thank you very much.

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