Clover Management

There comes a time when most people will find themselves with an influx of clover growing throughout their lawn. Clover is a weed that some people can find unsightly, especially when trying to achieve a luscious green lawn. The flowers actually attract bees which can be a hazard to your kids and pets. As you will see in the image below, it can be quite an invasive weed.
The presence of clover can be a sign of low nitrogen in the soil and can be prevented by keeping nutrients in the soil at the optimum levels. This plant actually possesses the ability to draw nitrogen from the air and store it within its roots. When these roots die off, the nitrogen is returned to the soil.

Clover is quite a simple weed to manage through a couple of different methods. Being of the legume variety, this weed is resistant to being cut short and your lawn will not respond well to trying to eradicate it this way. To help control clover throughout your lawn, we recommend treating the affected areas with a selective lawn spray, followed up by fertilising with a nitrogen rich fertiliser. This is something which your lawn will love and help it thrive, whilst suppressing the clover. Follow up fertilising periodically, will help keep nutrient levels in the soil in-check and prevent the clover from returning. Products like ‘Yates Weed and Feed’ can be easily sourced from your local Bunnings or garden centre if you want to attempt to combat this yourself.

Be careful when handling any chemical products. Always read the instructions before any application.

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